Brand Identity

If your branding is not done properly nobody will ever remember your business. You can have a client come in once and totally forget the experience.

You may wonder why you would need them to remember it. If they remember you, when they need you again they’ll know who to go to! Repeat customers/regulars are the greatest of customers you can wish to have and branding works towards this goal.

Brand Identity formation really isn’t an incredible task, just make sure you know how you want to come across to the customers, think of special ways to stand out, have a few special signifiers and you’re basically good to go! Just kidding, it’s actually an incredibly complex process that I am still learning about daily.

One major part of branding is time. You can’t just create a business yesterday and expect it to be a household name. Think of companies like Netflix, when it comes to watching a movie online that’s what people immediately think ( I bet this keeps Hulu up at night ).

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