Responsive Designs

For a modern website, design responsiveness is a MUST. Every year we see an increase in mobile users. If your website doesn’t respond to your viewer port than many users won’t have a good experience on your website.

What do we mean by this?

Try loading your website on a phone. How does it look? Does it operate properly? Does the menu collapse or do you have to zoom in to see anything?

Now try loading your website on a tablet. Hows it Look? Turn it sideways, hows it look now? Still good?

Our experts have spent countless years since the popularity of phones has been on the rise. When Steve Jobs released the iPhone back in 2008 he changed the world and web developers around the globe had to start making websites that not only adapted to desktop screen widths, but to different device widths like small phones, big phones, small tablets, large tablets, etc. This can be anything from 280px width up to over 2560px width!

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