An Asset not an Expense

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We are always there for you, we want to be your partner not just another expense. When you partner with us, we will become an asset. Website Design is more than just a website, its about linking your business to the online world. Online platforms like Google expect the best of you and if you come short your ranking suffers. Here at Greensboro Web Design we know that by giving you our all, you will recognize the hard work and the affect it has on your business. This in turns creates a two-way bridge of imports and exports where we both benefit. The feeling of having a customer come back a couple months later with praise is a great feeling. We disapprove of the web designers that do the minumum in exchange for the most money.

For example, lets say a man named Joe opens a shoe store in downtown Greensboro, NC. He gets enough foot traffic to make ends meet, but one single unforseen expense can shut it all down. Breaking even is not acceptable, lets say Joe decideds he needs to do something about this, he reaches out to us and gets a simple website done with some Google services. Joe starts off ranking #4 in January and nothing really changes, by March he is ranking #3 and he notices a bit more traffic. By June he is #2 and is getting more customers in a day then he used to see in a week! Even without the #1 rank on Google Joe is doing great. He upgrades to the a larger more expensive plan and we are now making more money. By investing in you, we are investing in ourselves.

Now lets imagine if we didn’t give his business a great effort. Imagine we did the minimum and didn’t really care about how he ranked on Google. By March he would still be ranking #4, by June still #4. By now Covid-19 is in full swing and he cannot continue to pay for our services. We might have made more money those first 6 months, but we lost a life long customer! Lets do some quick math.

6x lets say $40 profit is $240 made.

Six times lets say $10 profit is $60, but after a years that’s $120. After another year and they upgrade that’s $360! Never give the minimum, always give the customer everything you can even if it isn’t cost-effective. Living by the bottom line will only bring you down.

An Asset not an Expense
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